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Today’s virtual House graphic: minimum wage boosts families

Often lost in the spin surrounding debates over the minimum wage is the reality of who benefits. As indicated in the graphic above, the typical talking points promoted by the business lobby fall through the cracks — the same way many people attempting to support their families fall through the cracks due to Iowa’s current minimum wage policy. The illustration above outlines the demographic makeup of over 300,000 workers who would benefit if Iowa raised its minimum wage to $10.10. Four counties have moved to go that high, or higher, between now and 2019 under ordinances already passed.

There is no pending legislation to raise Iowa’s paltry $7.25 state minimum wage — and, in fact, choices being made in the Legislature effectively will render that state law meaningless. That is because local minimum wages are targeted for repeal and the Senate majority leader has indicated he will not entertain any legislation to raise the state wage, leaving that issue up to Congress, which shows no sign of action, either.

For more about the minimum wage in Iowa, both statewide and locally, visit this page on the IPP website.

Editor’s Note: The Iowa House of Representatives now denies the ability of lawmakers to use visual aids in debate on the floor. To help Iowans visualize what kinds of graphics might be useful in these debates to illustrate facts, on several days this session we are offering examples. In today’s graphic, we illustrate the impact of a statewide minimum wage increase. Previous “virtual House graphics” illustrate impacts of local minimum wages approved in counties where wages higher than the statewide $7.25 has been approved.