Health Reform and the Constitution

Concluding its U.S. Constitution series, The League of Women Voters of Johnson County, Iowa, will host a panel discussion and forum on health reform Thursday, May 10, at the Iowa City Public Library at 7 p.m. The forum will also be broadcast on Iowa City Channel 4.

Panelists include Dr. Peter Damiano, professor of dentistry and director of the Public Policy Center at the University of Iowa, Sheldon Kurtz, professor at the University of Iowa College of Law, and Andrew Cannon, research associate at the Iowa Policy Project.

The panelists will discuss the structure and function of the Affordable Care Act, the Supreme Court case and how its rulings will affect the law’s impelementation, and possible alternative courses of action.

There is no charge for admission.

Posted by Andrew Cannon, Research Associate

Author: iowapolicypoints

The Iowa Policy Project is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that provides research and analysis to engage Iowans in state policy decisions. We focus on tax and busget issues, the Iowa economy, and energy and environmental policy. By providing a foundation of fact-based, objective research and engaging the public in an informed discussion of policy alternatives, IPP advances effective, accountable and fair government.

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