Capitalizing on competition in Iowa

Competitions and “keeping up with the Joneses” can spur people to take advantage of the many energy-saving programs Iowa utilities already offer.

IPP last week released a report  that highlights how capitalizing on a better understanding of human psychology and behavior can drive energy efficiency and conservation in Iowa.

Will Hoyer
Will Hoyer

We initially got interested in the idea after hearing about the extraordinary results from a competition in Kansas last fall. We would love to see something similar happen in Iowa and are working to make that happen.

Apparently the idea of using competitions to spur energy efficiency and other beneficial behaviors has others excited as well. Department of Energy Secretary Steven Chu spoke on NPR last week about an initiative to get kids excited about energy efficiency. Chu said:

“In my wildest dreams, what I’d love it to be is sometime in not-too-distant future there’ll be kind of a — like a March Madness, there’ll be a lot of schools challenging other schools in their local areas for who’s going to make the most improvement in saving money and saving energy.”

Schools shouldn’t just be the only competitors. Entire towns can compete against one another. College campuses can compete. Churches. Businesses. Next-door neighbors. The truth is, we all want to “keep up with the Joneses” and if we know that the Joneses next door have a similar house and are paying less every month for their electricity then we’ll want to make the changes the Joneses made. Over time these will add up to significant savings in money and reductions in pollution and reduced need for new baseload electricity plants — whether they be coal, gas or nuclear.

Competitions and “keeping up with the Joneses” can spur people to take advantage of the many energy-saving programs Iowa utilities already offer. Many monetary incentives are out there already to replace old appliances, insulate your attic, install solar panels or upgrade your HVAC equipment. Haven’t taken advantage of those programs yet? Contact your utility to find out more. If you have reaped the benefits call your utility and ask for more!

Posted by Will Hoyer, Research Associate

Author: iowapolicypoints

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