Labor Day Weekend Thought…

If you have health insurance through work, consider thanking union members this Labor Day.

Andrew Cannon, research associate
Andrew Cannon

It’s not a surprise that labor union employees benefit from their union membership. Paul Fronstin, a senior research associate at the Employee Benefit Research Institute, found that while 94 percent of union workers have health insurance through their employer, compared to just 76 percent of nonunion workers (see page 15 of this EBRI report).

That’s what unions do — help workers negotiate better wages, benefits, and working conditions.

But new data from the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) and Health Research & Educational Trust (HRET) suggests that nonunion employees might benefit from having unionized coworkers.

In the latest installment of their annual Employer Health Benefits Survey, KFF and HRET found that the presence of “some union workers” increases the likelihood that an employer offers health insurance benefits. Among firms with some union employees, 94 percent offer health insurance benefits. Conversely, just 67 percent of firms with no union employees offered health insurance to their employees.

So if you have health insurance through your work and you have union colleagues consider thanking them this Labor Day weekend.

Posted by Andrew Cannon, Research Associate

Author: iowapolicypoints

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